Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 4

Last week I played in the Brazil Champions tournament, and I was told some pretty scary stories before heading to the country. People told me São Paulo had the highest kidnapping rate in the world. I was also told it was a very dangerous place to go out walking at night. So with that being said, I was very happy to just be hanging out in my hotel for the most part.

However, these were just stories I was told. From my experience, I can’t say I experienced any horror stories first hand. People were friendly, despite me knowing way less Portuguese than Spanish. That’s saying something, because my Spanish is pretty awful. In the small area that we stayed though, it was really developed and for the most part clean. They advised us not to wander too far, and I took those on board instructions without question.

Should I wear theScore shirt, or theScore shirt on the course today?

The golf in Brazil was amazing. The course was not overly long, but it was so lush and green, and manicured really well. I found pretty soon why the course was so ‘lush and green.’ Just like Colombia, the afternoons were often filled with storms, and that type of rain where golf is no longer an option. The course reminded me of something you might see in Asia or Thailand. And with HSBC the title sponsor, it felt even more that way.

My game was really close to being there, I just didn’t make the putts I needed to in order to keep momentum going. I finished the tournament at -3, which included a second round of 68 to see me into the weekend. There are those moments in a round where you know how important a made putt is, and I just wasn’t getting those to fall. But I’ll keep working at it, and I know they’ll fall next time.

Next up is the Chitimacha Louisiana Open. It’s going to be great being back in the US, and speaking a language I know. You just won’t hear me saying “y’all!” Thanks for reading, and talk to you in a couple of weeks!

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