Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 3

Another week in the books after playing in the Chile Classic! The best part for me was that I put in a full week of work. I’d like to work weekends the rest of my life, to be honest! It’s a great feeling trying to get into position on Saturday, and being involved in those final groups on Sunday is what we all play for.

If you read my blog from Colombia, you might not find the same type of drama in this one. We had sunny skies everyday, my caddy was awesome, and we only had three to four earthquakes. Don’t worry – our hotel was built to withstand them, and I slept through a couple of them. Chile was a breeze!

I played late Thursday and early Friday, and by my last hole Friday, I knew I needed a birdie to play the weekend. After going for the green in two and missing long, I played a pretty nice chip to about 12 feet. I had already checked the leaderboard next to the 18th green, and knew the cut line was on the verge of going to two under. I just told myself to make a stroke you can be happy with after the putt. With about a foot to go, I knew it was going nowhere but the center of the cup. It was one of those moments that brings a smile to your face, and it got me pretty fired up. Doing it when it counts is the ultimate satisfaction.

It was awesome to see Adam win, and the way he did it was even more impressive. He’s a guy I look up to out here, so hopefully I can follow in his footsteps and get another win for Canada. Albin, Roger, Nick, and I celebrated with Adam right after his win. It’s great to have fellow Canucks out here when you are on the road!

I’m really excited for this week’s tournament in Brazil, another country I have never been to. But the plan is to be back here in Rio in 2016 for the Olympics. And, once again, it looks like I’m going to be getting to know my roommate Albin Choi even better based on the sleeping arrangements…

Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next couple of weeks!

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