Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 8

The most recent two stops on the Tour took us to Greenville, S.C. and Raleigh, N.C. Both were relative home games for me, but the first was far more memorable. You’ll understand what I mean shortly.

The BMW Charity Pro Am is a very unique format. The tournament is played on three different courses over the first three days, and each pro is paired with a celebrity or amateur partner. My partner was a cancer doctor from Kitchener, Ontario. We had a lot of fun. Max Homa, the pro in my group, was paired with Janet Gretzky, wife of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. My partner, Bob, told me that he and Janet have played together the last five years in the event.

I’m going to skip the middle of the story, but by Saturday night, I was eating dinner with The Great One. It was an incredible night, and one I won’t soon forget. I couldn’t help but have him sign my hat and take a couple pictures. After all, that kind of opportunity doesn’t come around every day.

My golf was pretty good in Greenville, making the cut after three rounds. However, I’m still not scoring the way I should be. The game is on the way up, and I’m excited with the way I’m progressing.

In Raleigh, the story was not as glamorous. On Thursday morning, I woke up with either food poisoning or a stomach virus. Whichever it was, I wasn’t sure I was going to make my 7:50 a.m. tee time. I couldn’t get any food down, but I found some Pepto-Bismol in the medical tent, and it provided some relief. My golf was actually good in Round 1 despite not feeling well. My undoing was missing long on two approaches, and it cost me about four shots.

Thursday night I tried to sleep off the sick feeling I had, but it only got worse. I was up all night and got very little rest. My golf Friday was more of the same. I hit 14 greens and gave myself tons of great looks, but I couldn’t get a putt to fall. On a day where all I could put in my stomach was energy drinks and water, I was definitely frustrated with everything. It just wasn’t my week, and unfortunate timing for getting sick.

Despite that little bump in the road, I feel good now and I’m still happy with the direction I’m headed. We’re about halfway through the season, but I’m treating Cleveland like a fresh start. I’m going to remember some valuable lessons from the season thus far, and try to draw on my great play from last summer. Here’s to a great second half!

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