Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 6

Well, it was a frustrating week at the El Bosque Mexico Championship. I felt like I played lots of great golf and was undone by one hole in my second round. At the moment, I’m not making those 15-20 footers to get my round going, but all in all my game is close. It’s been a little slow to start the year, but I need to stay patient and try not to overthink things.

The game of golf is still the same and I will turn it around soon. To play at the highest level requires belief and confidence in yourself. Going forward I’m going to try to build those up.

As part of my girlfriend’s birthday gift, I flew her to Mexico to watch me play and to stay a couple days after the event. When the golf didn’t go as planned, I decided to take her someone a bit more fun. So we rented a car and drove West. Our destination? Puerto Vallarta.

The drive through Mexico was the most exciting part of the trip, to say the least. We saw a dead horse and a dead cow on the side of the road, we went on a five mile detour onto a dirt road (I thought that was the end!), and we drove through two brush fires up in the mountains. Oh, and we drove all the way without a GPS and a one page map. Let’s just say we had to work as a team, but it will only bring us closer!

It was great to get away from the game for a few days last week. I had a good prep when I got back to Charlotte and I’m excited to be back in action this week. We’re now in Midland, Texas for the WNB Golf Classic. It’s not a super exciting place by the sounds of it, but that’s fine with me as I’ve had enough excitement for a while. Thanks for reading, and talk to you next week.

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