Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 2

After a long and enjoyable offseason, the season has officially begun. It was Monday morning, and I was starting my journey to Colombia. I was supposed to arrive in Bogota at 9:30 pm, but it turned out I was in for a much longer day.

I flew from Charlotte to Houston, and when I boarded my next flight, I noticed it looked more like a charter. However, after waiting almost 45 minutes on a mechanical issue, we were told we had to deplane. You could sense the spirits were getting low amongst the players quickly. Fast-forward four hours, and finally the wheels were up. By the time we landed, it was 1:00 am in the morning and I was fading fast!

I met a few players while we waited for our bags, and through talking with one of them I found out I was playing in the Pro Am the next day. The cherry on top? I was off at 7 :00am and my bed was nowhere in sight. I was rooming with Albin Choi, a close friend of mine who I’ve played lots of golf with over the years. When I finally knocked at the door around 2 :00am, the news got better. We had requested a double room, but ended up with one king size bed. We made the best of the situation, and were joking about it the whole week. Could have been worse, I could have been back home in Charlotte witnessing a record snowfall. No thank you!

Besides the short sleep, I was feeling good and excited to check out the course. My next step was to find a caddy. I was hiring a local, but my Spanish is limited to very few words. So I found an amateur from the Pro Am that spoke English, and he happened to be a member at the club. We spoke briefly, and then he shouted something in Spanish. Within seconds, we had 15 caddies surrounding us. But through the crowd came a small, older man named Miguel. The man I was speaking to highly recommended him, and that was all I really needed to hear. He was excellent at reading greens, and we made a pretty darn good team. We communicated primarily through hand signals because his English was equivalent to my Spanish. My bag was almost bigger than him, so at times I felt I was shortening his life. But he kept up, and I tried my best to keep the bag as light as I could.

The week was full of delays and wild weather. Thursday afternoon was the beginning of a trend; we had a storm every afternoon from that point on. It wasn’t any ordinary storm either, it was rain like I had never seen before. All the rain and lightning resulted in me playing my first round Thursday morning and my second round Saturday morning. I played so much quality golf, and with the exception of two or three mental mistakes, I was satisfied with my game. I learned so much from my first week, and had so much fun despite not playing the weekend. I’ve targeted some things to work on, and I’ll be ready for my next event in Chile! Adios amigos!

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