It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog, but I’ll try to get you up to speed on what’s been happening on tour. First of all, I’d like to congratulate my friend Roger Sloan on his first win on the Tour at the Nova Scotia Open. I couldn’t imagine a better feeling than to win […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 8

The most recent two stops on the Tour took us to Greenville, S.C. and Raleigh, N.C. Both were relative home games for me, but the first was far more memorable. You’ll understand what I mean shortly. The BMW Charity Pro Am is a very unique format. The tournament is played on three different courses over the first […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 7

It’s been a couple weeks since my last blog, so I’ll try to catch you up on what’s been going on lately. The Web.Com Tour was in Valdosta, Georgia last week, and I walked away pretty frustrated. The story of the week was the weather in the beginning. The Pro-Am on Wednesday was cancelled, and the only […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 6

Well, it was a frustrating week at the El Bosque Mexico Championship. I felt like I played lots of great golf and was undone by one hole in my second round. At the moment, I’m not making those 15-20 footers to get my round going, but all in all my game is close. It’s been a […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 5

After the past few weeks of speaking Spanish, dealing in pesos and just general chaos, boy was I glad to be back in the U.S. for the Chitimacha Louisiana Open! I had been to Louisiana a few times in college, and remembered how much the people there like to entertain. Well, they did not disappoint. […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 4

Last week I played in the Brazil Champions tournament, and I was told some pretty scary stories before heading to the country. People told me São Paulo had the highest kidnapping rate in the world. I was also told it was a very dangerous place to go out walking at night. So with that being said, I was […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 3

Another week in the books after playing in the Chile Classic! The best part for me was that I put in a full week of work. I’d like to work weekends the rest of my life, to be honest! It’s a great feeling trying to get into position on Saturday, and being involved in those final […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 2

After a long and enjoyable offseason, the season has officially begun. It was Monday morning, and I was starting my journey to Colombia. I was supposed to arrive in Bogota at 9:30 pm, but it turned out I was in for a much longer day. I flew from Charlotte to Houston, and when I […]

Confessions of a Tour Pro: Part 1

2014 started with a bang for me. Sadly, that bang was the sound of my car being rear-ended at 60mph while sat at a stoplight in Florida. I was in Orlando for my final warm-up tournament before the start of the Tour and hadn’t even hit a ball when the incident happened. Thankfully, no […]